Bomb / Fallout Shelters

Installing a fallout shelter in North Alabama. We had to use a rock buster to dig the hole. Installing the first half of the two shelters. Each half is 7’ tall, 8’ wide, and 25’ long you can see the openings that will be between the shelters. One is 5’ long. The other is 7’ long. After setting the second half of the shelter. We also have installed a 3’ wide, 5’ tall, and 20’ long walkway with a blast door entrance. You can see the two emergency escape hatches on the main shelters. These hatches come up to just below ground level. These can be filled with sand and covered over the top with dirt. Under these, there is a bolted on trap door inside the shelter (water tight). You take the bolts loose, the door hinges in, the sand pours in, and you have another way out. When we finish installing, these are completely concealed. The 20’ long walkway will stop the fallout from reaching the main shelters through the blast door. The dirt on top of the shelter protects the shelter from the radiation penetration the ceiling. We are finishing all the welding, recoating, installing vent pipes, and covering the shelters with dirt.
This is inside the two shelters. The welding, recoating, reinstalling the carpet, etc. is finished. These shelters have 12 fold up beds. You can see the entrance into the walkway going out to the above ground blast door. This entrance has a vault door going into the walkway. We can also put another walk thru blast door in this walkway. This shelter has an 8 ton door jack mounted under the door incase debris blows onto the door. The shelter has a sewage system with electric motor and hand pump. Shelter has chemical and biological filtering systems with electric motor and hand crank in case you loose electricity, blast valves, etc. Shelter is now installed. This is a 6’ tall, 7’ wide, and 20’ long fallout shelter with a 3’wide, 5’ tall, and 12’ long extension to stop radiation from entering main shelter. It has a 4’ tall door base with a blast door on top of that. Shelter like the previous shelter, being installed in Jackson Hole Wyoming. We also installed a 6’ tall, 6’ wide, and 12’ long storm shelter next to it to store food, etc.
A fallout shelter being installed in Tennessee. It has a 12’ long walkway out with an above ground blast door. This ground will be built up and a carport will be built over the shelter. This is the same shelter as above. This end has a walk in blast door. The home owner is having a door cut through into his basement at the end of the shelter and having a 3’ long walkway built out and attached to the shelter. He can then enter the shelter from his basement or from outside. This is another 8’ tall, 12’ wide, and 26’ long fallout shelter that has a 4’ long walkway with a 4000 lb walkthrough blast door. They are also building a concrete walkway from his basement out to the shelter entrance. The concrete walk is about 30’ long. It will be under his carport. The shelter is under his driveway. This is the ladder type steps going down into a fallout shelter. This is standing on the ground and looking down into the shelter.
This shows digging the hole for a fallout shelter. 7’ tall, 8’ wide, and 30’ long fallout shelter with a 12’ long walkway and above ground blast door. This shelter is being installed on top of a mountain at Smith River California.
Price List for Underground Bomb and Fallout Shelters
(Sizes and Prices if you Install)
Tall Width Wide Price
6 x 6 x 12
7 x 7 x 12
7 x 8 x 12
7 x 7 x 14
7 x 8 x 14
7 x 8 x 16
7 x 8 x 18
6 x 6 x 20
7 x 7 x 20
7 x 8 x 20
6 x 6 x 25
7 x 7 x 25
7 x 8 x 25
7 x 7 x 30
7 x 8 x 30
7 x 10 x 14
7 x 10 x 16
7 x 10 x 18
7 x 10 x 20
7 x 10 x 25
7 x 10 x 30
7 x 20 x 20
7 x 20 x 30
7 x 20 x 40
7 x 30 x 40
7 x 30 x 90
7 x 40 x 90
Larger Sizes Available
Basic Bomb and Fallout Shelters consist of these standard features:

  • Metal shelter made with plate metal up to 7/16” thick and doors 1” thick.
  • Blast door approximately 34” x 32” with heavy duty latches, hinges and lift cylinders to make the door easy to lift and lower.
  • The VA 40 Filtration System with hand crank and A.C. electrical function, includes ventilator, crank handle (in case of electrical failure), emergency light, cover and set of rubber hoses, chemical/biological gas filter, intake and exhaust blast valves, all mounted in shelter. This unit is rated for 12 people or less. Larger units are available.
  • Ladder type steps going down into the shelter.
  • The door base is 30” tall. We can put shelters deeper underground if so desired.
  • Magnesium anodes for corrosion protection.
  • Double exterior coatings for moisture protection.
  • Appropriate inlets for electrical lines, cables, telephone lines, water lines, etc.
  • Hooks on ceilings to hang lanterns, lights, hammocks, etc.

Options that we offer with our Bomb and Fallout Shelters:
  • Security vault. The price to add a security vault is $1314.50.
  • Vault door. This door can be added at the end of the walkway. It has the hardened steel deadbolt lock and costs $984.50.
  • Larger chemical and biological filtering system. Our bomb shelter comes with a chemical and biological filtering system rated for 12 people or less. We can add a unit large enough to accommodate 25 people for an additional $990.00. A system rated for 50 people would cost $1650.00 extra.
  • Fold up beds. These beds fold against the wall when they are not being used. When folded, the bed takes up approximately eight (8) inches of space against the side wall. We can install one bed in an 8’ long shelter, and up to five (5) beds in a 20’ long shelter. The beds are $132.00 per bed frame, or $308.00 per bed with the mattress.
  • Sewage system. We can install a sewage system with an electric motor and hand pump for $2090.00. The price is higher in the fallout shelter due to an extra blast valve installed to make this unit work safely.
  • Enclose sewage system. We can enclose the sewage system unit with the wall and door for an additional $1017.50.
  • Emergency escape hatch. We can install an emergency escape hatch for $715.00.
  • Jack. In case debris falls on the door. The price of the jack installed is $165.00.
  • Weld two shelters together. To weld two shelters together underground we charge an additional $2084.50 to the installed prices.

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